Goodman enjoys hooping it up for Iowa

IOWA CITY - Sharon Goodman, daughter of Brian and the late Connie Goodman of Lime Springs, a 2020 Crestwood graduate and currently a redshirt sophomore on the University of Iowa Women’s basketball team, is living the dream of every girl or boy who spent hours in the gym, the park or the driveway shooting hoops as a kid - playing Division I college basketball.
The 2022-23 season was a dream season for Goodman and the Hawkeyes, who won the Big 10 Tournament, qualified for the Final Four for the first time in 30 years and advanced to the National Championship game before falling to LSU on April 2. 
Goodman is not only talented on the court but also in the classroom. She earned All-Academic Big Ten honors and was also presented with the Elite 90 Award for posting a 4.0 Grade Point Average, which was the highest among any of the players competing at the Final Four.
Thanks to modern technology, the Times Plain Dealer caught up with Goodman via e-mail to get her insights on an incredible season.
TPD: What are some of your favorite aspects about playing basketball for the Hawkeyes?
SG: Obviously, the success we’ve had the three years that I’ve been here has been so much fun! NCAA tournament runs and Big Ten Championships. It’s fun to play basketball and win games, ha ha! It’s also fun to travel and see new places. But I think my favorite part is getting to be a part of a team! I get to have people around me that I get to do everything with. Whether its practices, extra conditioning, eating meals, or doing homework in the lobby of our hotel, we do a lot together, and I am thankful for the relationships. 
TPD: What are some aspects of playing Division I basketball and going to school that are most challenging?
SG: Being a student-athlete is definitely challenging, I can’t deny that at all. And it can be challenging in all aspects – physically, mentally and emotionally. Balancing practices, classes, homework, exams, meetings, food, friends and sleep gets to be a lot. I think one of the hardest things can be to separate those aspects of my life to be present in whatever I’m doing at the time. It can be hard to not think about school while I’m in practice, and vice versa.
TPD: When you were out last year with an ACL injury, what were the biggest challenges you faced and what helped you get through that?
SG: It was just a long and difficult recovery process. It’s also not something you see coming. My teammate, Shateah Wetering, had the same injury and recovery process as me, so we had each other through the whole year. It definitely brought us closer together, and we were able to encourage each other. I’m thankful for that. More importantly, God walked with me through it all. The injury was not a surprise to Him, and I was able to rest in the fact that God had me exactly where He wanted me to be. So, for that reason, I am thankful for the journey and wouldn’t change it.
TPD: Going from playing basketball at a small school such as Crestwood to playing for the Hawkeyes is a big step for anyone. How did you make that transition and what were some of the biggest adjustments you had to make? 
SG: It was a difficult but exciting transition! One of the fun things I like to tell people is that I went from playing against someone my own height,  two or three times in my high school career, to playing against Monika (Czinano) every single day in practice. That was quite different, but you learn fast! It helped to have coaches and teammates who were willing to work with me and encourage me! I’m excited to keep growing as a player!
TPD: Several Crestwood fans, students and coaches have traveled to Iowa City to watch you play. How much does that support mean to you and the team? Do you get a chance to talk to them before or after the games?
SG: I truly can’t express how much it means to get texts from people at home saying they’ll be at the games or even that they have been watching games on the TV or listening on the radio. I treasured my time at Crestwood, and it is so special to have that support from home. It gives me perspective, and it reminds me why I do what I do! Whenever I have the chance, I try to see friends after the games. I love saying hi, catching up, getting hugs, and taking pictures!
TPD: What is it like for you to be a part of such a great Iowa team with so many outstanding players, such as Caitlin Clark?
 SG:  Sometimes I’ll be in practice or it will be in the middle of a game, and I will simply remember how crazy it is that I get to be with people like Caitlin and Monika every day in practice, and have the privilege of being coached by (Head) Coach (Lisa) Bluder and (Assistant) Coach (Jan) Jensen. I’m just a small-town girl, and who knows what they ever saw in me? So, it really is an honor to be a part of this team! I’m very grateful to have the opportunity!
TPD: What are Clark and the other Hawkeye players like on and off the court?
SG: It always cracks me up when I get this question. People see my teammates from the court when they are locked in and game-ready, but they don’t get to see them in the locker room or outside of Carver Hawkeye Arena. Caitlin would not deny that she has a one-of-a-kind personality, to say the least. We have a lot of fun together, and every person on the team brings their own unique personality to the circle. We definitely have some characters on the team!

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