Two-of-a-kind times four

—Crestwood graduating four sets of twins in 2018


CRESCO - The graduating Class of 2018 has four sets of twins, which is a higher than average number. But other than that, the eight students are normal seniors waiting to walk across the stage on May 20 to receive their diplomas!
The twins shared some of their experiences in growing up as a pair. Half the twins are the only children — Knutson and Burke, while Hageman and Friesen have two other siblings. Half of the twins are identical — Burke and Knutson, and the other half are fraternal — Friesen and Hageman. All of the seniors are honest when it comes to never trading places in school or other places. All of the twins were dressed alike as babies and young children.
Jared & Jacob
Parents: Jeff and Karen Knutson
Jared said the best part of being a twin is “You always have someone to do things with.” Jacob was glad his brother helped him with homework. “He doesn’t procrastinate!”
Jared noted the worst part is seeing them everyday. Maybe that’s why, according to Jacob, they get into lots of arguments.
The older the boys got, the easier it was and is to tell them apart, but that wasn’t always the case. “I don’t think we tricked people, but they got us mixed up,” Jacob said.
Jacob joked the brothers purposely don’t dress alike today!
For differences, Jared wants to go into agricultural business and Jacob into carpentry or construction.
Billie & Bobbie Hageman
Parents: Cary Burke 
and Nathan Hageman
The Hageman twins have a little sister, Bailey, and an older brother, Bruce.
Billie said the best part of being twins is, “We can stand up for each other. You can defend them.” Bobbie was happy to be able to wear each other’s clothes.
Seeing the other twin all the time was not a favorite part for Bobbie. Billie didn’t like having a locker next to her sister. Apparently trash would get put in the opposite locker, which irritated Billie, the neat one.
The funniest part of being a twin is telling people they are twins. Since they are fraternal and don’t look alike, people think they are teasing.
The twins dressed alike up until they were in kindergarten. “Mom wanted us to be our own person,” explained Billie. Today, they don’t try to dress alike, but Billie admitted they sometimes coordinate. “We have our own styles. She likes skinny cuts, and I like boot cut.”
Although the two never had their own language, they can feel when things aren’t quite right. Bobbie said, “She’ll text me, and my phone is on silent. But I will look at my phone when she sends it. I can also feel her staring at me when I am sleeping.”
Billie added, “We can just look at each other and know what they are going to say or what they are feeling.”
Besides being the same, they are different as well. Billie is an outdoor girl and enjoys hunting, while Bobbie is a cheerleader and a “girlie girl” according to her sister.
Abbigail & Allison
Parents: Mark and Becky Burke
Allison said the best part of having a twin is always having somebody to talk to, and Abbigail agreed. The worst part is fighting over clothes or whatever (They are sisters after all!)
The girls do not dress alike as adults, but sometimes they end up wearing similar clothing. In addition, they can just tell when their twin is mad or sad.
Abbigail said although they are identical, “Once people get to know us, they can tell the difference.”
The girls get about the same grades in school, but differ on their personalities as Allison is more shy.
Ellie & Emily
Parents: Myron and Lisa Friesen
The Friesen twins have two older siblings, but neither pair feels jealous of the other.
Both girls say the best part of being a twin is always having someone to talk to and confide in. They are both into competition and feel the worst part of being a twin is comparing yourself to the other and always challenging their sister.
The funniest part is how others perceive them. Ellie joked, “Sometimes we’ll wear the same clothes to school, and people will say, ‘Oh! The twins are twinning!’”
A weird part of being a twin is having the same birthday. Ellie admitted she didn’t understand why the two celebrated their birthday on the same day for a few years.
And it’s easy to sometimes wear the same thing since the sisters have the same style.
Although the twins don’t have a secret language, they can tell what the other is thinking, noted Emily. Ellie explained, “We’ll think of the same story because we grew up together.”
Although not major, the girls do have some differences. Ellie is super organized and more social, whereas Emily goes with the flow.

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