Mobile Mammas host training at CHS

—Discuss development of mobile app for adults to monitor children’s devices
‘If we can keep one child from harm or the dangers of social media through electronic devices, then we've done our job.’ — Cindy Yslas, President of Mobile Mammas


CRESCO - Parents concerned about the safety of their children in cyberspace, or with the issue of social media addiction, are invited to attend a free educational and training event at Crestwood High School on Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. in the high school auditorium. 
Mobile Mammas president and trainer, Cindy Yslas said, “This first training will be free to the community as an introductory training to let the community know what we are all about.”
Mobile Mammas is a newly-formed, non-profit organization comprised of women who, according to brochure literature, have a “passion  for sharing resources and education with other parents, guardians and related community services in the hope of helping keep youth safe from cyber sites, in the ever-evolving technology and social media platforms.”
Mobile Mammas offers hands-on, real-time training and educational workshops, and is currently developing a mobile application for use by adults to help with supervision and monitoring of their youths’ electronic devices.
Board members include Christy Teslow, founder and trainer; Cindy Yslas, president and trainer; Lisa Kammerer, vice president and trainer; Mindy Hovey, secretary; Jessica Hebrink, treasurer; and board members Teresa Kappus and Tammy Tangen.
Yslas explained the beginnings of Mobile Mammas:
“Mobile Mammas started with Christy Teslow and ideas she has had floating around in her head for about 3-4 years now.  As customers would come into her shop (Tech-Geek 3.0 in Cresco), she began to see more and more parents concerned about items on their children’s phones that they would like to remove or find out how they got on there. Teslow hopes to launch her app late this spring.
“Also, she saw the behaviors of children (at younger and younger ages) bordering on addictions as they became over dependent on their phones or would become overwhelmed by the thought of losing their phones for any period of time (as they were being fixed, cleaned, reset to factory settings per their parents, etc.). So the idea of a training to teach parents and guardians on these dangers and behaviors was hatched.”
Teslow said, “Our children are often smarter than we are when it comes to technology.  It’s time to give parents the information they need to take back responsibility with these devices we give our children.”
Yslas said the idea quickly gained traction among other concerned parents:
“As she developed her board, she began to talk to us and found a number of us who held the same concerns with device use with our own children.  The board is made up of educators, medical professionals, those in the child foster care program, business owners and stay-at-home moms, and all have children at various ages using some sort of device between school and home.  We all shared the same concerns and knew this educational material (and eventually the APP for both Apple and Android products) will fill a large void within the community and the entire United States as we grow in our training area,” Yslas said.
Organizers stress that Mobile Mammas is not: Spyware, licensed therapists, invading personal space, telling parents how to parent or finger pointing.
Mobile Mammas is: A hands-on real-time training and education source; focused on youth safety in the ever-evolving cyber world and social media platforms; and an application designed to assist parents in monitoring their child’s devices.
According to statistics gathered from, and and provided on the Mobile Mammas brochure:
In 2016, 16 percent have admitted to being cyberbullied; that number is on the rise as a large percentage are never reported;
In 2016, more than one million Android devices were hacked in some sort of capacity;
Eighty percent of youth that have sexted are under the age of 18;
Fifty-seven percent of youth have been asked to sextext;
An estimated 76 percent of transactions for sex with underage girls are started online;
Fifty percent of sex traffic victims are youth;
In 2016, one in six missing youth are involved in sex trafficking.
Mobile Mammas has an ambitious goal:
“Our goal is to get our name, training and information out nationally to empower parents much like D.A.R.E., M.A.D.D. and other programs have become staples in the safety of our children,” Yslas said.
 She continued, “We already have requests from other counties, school districts and towns throughout Iowa and Minnesota. We are always looking for donations from anyone or any organization to put toward the development of the application.
“If we can keep one child from harm or the dangers of social media through electronic devices, then we’ve done our job.  We may never know that we did, but the parents who catch what their kids are viewing or doing on their cell phones will, and that’s all that matters,” Yslas said.
For more information, to schedule a workshop or make a donation contact, e-mail or call: 563-203-8015. All donations will be used for youth and adult educational seminars and continued development of a state-of-the-art Smartphone Application.

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