L.S. looking at current, future projects

LIME SPRINGS - Drew Weber of Bolton & Menk attended the Nov. 1 Lime Springs City Council meeting to give an update on the various street projects he is working on.
“First of all, I’d like to say that Tyler [Smith, Public Works Director] is very humble about how much work he is helping with on this project.” He noted that Croell should have the road from Hwy. 63 to Merrill St. completed in one day. After that, once it is cured (which takes about 53 hours), the hand work will begin. That includes Mehmert doing filling and grading.
“For Jackson St., work will continue on utilities this week and next. Then it will be grading. We are hoping the work can get done before too long.”
Weber said Council could make a decision on whether to use sod, which has already been budgeted at $25,000, or hydroseeding, which would cost a little under $7,000.
“In our experience, there is less trouble in the end with the sod. It may take several seasons before we can sign off on the hydroseeding.” Councilperson Richard Cottrell said, “It’s already included in the budget. We should leave it as is.”
Councilperson Michael Leverson replied, “Lets not discuss this at two meetings. Let’s just do sod.” After some discussion, council voted, that although it is more expensive, it is potentially less problems in the future. All five voted sod.
Weber also gave an update on the Merrill St. project. “The county has moved the A21/Merrill St. project to 2024. I talked with Maggie [Burger, the city’s financial advisor]. She had two options to pay for the work.”
1. The city can use local revenue and general obligation bonds, which have 5-6% interest rate.
2. The City can apply for the state Revolving Loan Fund for drinking water. There is also a P&D [Planning & Design] 0% loan reimbursement. There is also a possibility of having loan forgiveness because of the town’s size. “Maggie recommends going with this one.”
The Merrill St. project includes the bridge near Kris McNamara’s house and updating  the sewer line.
• Smith said with the burn ban in place, the dump has been getting out of hand.
In addition, some of the dirt used to fill in the basements of the two buildings recently torn down is being replaced with some dirt, etc. from the road project.
He explained he had to rebuild the injection system in the well house. He is also getting things winterized for the upcoming season.
“I talked to Nick Rissman [County Engineer], and he said they could paint lines on the road at Casey’s. I was putting up the ‘No Parking’ signs and vehicles would stop while I was putting them up!”
• Cottrell had some questions regarding the water tower. During construction, water has been taken from the hydrants by Croell to use on the road. Upper Iowa Beef also uses a good amount of water during the week.
Smith had to drop the level off when the pumps kicked in  two feet because of the extra usage, making sure there was enough available water.
Cottrell was worried it would cause problems, but was reassured it was okay.
After the Maguire Iron representative offered a contract that will include maintenance and repainting the tower when needed for a yearly payment last month, Cottrell wanted to know when the last time the tower had been cleaned. City Clerk Jane Tibbals said it was around 2019.
He felt it needed to be done every three years. Maquire’s plan was to do that at five years.
• The use for the land on Willard St. was postponed until December.
• Decisions were made on how to word ordinance changes. They will then be voted on in three meetings. Those changing include licensing animals; temporary vacancy in a residence with utilities; refuse collection and recycling rates; and dumpster service.
• Tibbals stated it was time to let the entities know how much money will be budgeted to them, which would need to be voted on at the next meeting. “They need to turn in their budgets by Feb. 1.”
She explained the only department the city is legally required to give money to is the library, and for last year, that was $1,144.59. The library received $23,000 last year. “I didn’t find any designated amount for the fire department or parks.
The groups that get part of the property taxes ($16,957,410 assessed value) from the City of Lime Springs are library, fire department, park & rec and community center. The other half goes to the City and public works/roads.
Cottrell mentioned the Senior Citizens are not included in the groups.
There may or may not be a worksession to work on the budget.
• Casey’s was approved for a liquor license.
• Cottrell had several items he wanted to bring up for discussion, including dust control at the A&K parking lot. The dust makes it hard to breathe at times. It was determined it was too late this year to make a decision on the issue.
In addition, he wondered if council members could have personal access to the records on the clerk’s computer to look at while at their homes. It could be done, but it would be on the Cloud and easier to hack. It was suggested for him to ask Tibbals for the paperwork he wanted to look over.
Cottrell mentioned at a previous meeting and again on Nov. 1 the council should be figuring out five and 10-year plans. 
• Council would look into hiring for snow removal.
• Council went into closed session to discuss employee reviews.
• The next meeting will be on Tuesday, Dec. 6.
L.S. department updates
LIME SPRINGS - Reports were given on the different departments of the City of Lime Springs at the Nov. 1 meeting.
• Scott Osmundson gave the Fire Department update. In the past month, the department helped with a mutual aid call for a house fire in Chester and a recycling truck at Casey’s.
He noted the generator, which was mostly paid for with grants, cost a total of $34,000. The concrete was getting poured behind the Community Center/ Fire Station the second week in November. It was ordered from KFS in McIntire.
• Jennifer Kalstabakken read the Library report. The magic show held in October was a success with 51 people attending. Library staff donated their time to the event.
The silent auction is being held in November. 
The library is taking part in the Festival of Trees on Nov. 27 and Christmas in Lime Springs on Dec. 4.
On Oct. 10, the coffee group began meeting every Monday.
• For Park & Rec, Sharla Lieder said, “The park and pool is hosting the Festival of Trees.”
She added Steve Timmerman, who had led the group that painted the bottom of the pool in 2010, looked over the pool and gave some ideas. He said the area by the manhole near the pump house is sinking, so maybe that is where there is a leak, and there are some cracks in the pool itself.
• There was no Community Center report.


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