Waverly-SR is asked to leave NEIC

 CRESCO - Waverly-Shell Rock was asked by a group of schools led by New Hampton to leave the 102-year-old Northeast Iowa Conference. The Upper Iowa Conference had recently invited New Hampton, Crestwood and Waukon to leave the Northeast Iowa Conference. 
On April 4, the executive board of the conference met to discuss and act on a resolution to the NEIC Constitution that was presented by New Hampton. The resolution was to amend the Constitution to remove Waverly-SR from the conference. 
In order to pass the resolution, it needed to be voted on twice by the Executive Board at two separtate meetings. A majority of conference members plus one was required to vote for the resolution in order for it to pass.
The NEIC Executive Board is made up of superintendents from each of the member schools including: Charles City, Decorah, Howard-Winneshiek, New Hampton, Waukon and Waverly-SR.
During a vote on Monday, the resolution passed by a 5-1 vote. Waverly-SR cast the only dissenting vote. The executive board members must now take the resolution back to their respective school boards so they can act on the resolution, and they can let the executive board members know how they should cast their vote during the next meeting of the board.
If the resolution is passed, it will become effective at the end of the 2022-23 school year.
The strategy behind asking Waverly-Shell Rock to leave is that other smaller schools might be more likely to join the NEIC and keep it solvent without W-SR.
Waverly-Shell Rock’s current BEDS (Basic Education Data Survey)  is 555, which includes students in grades nine through 11. That is the largest amount in the conference. 
Other BEDS numbers for members of the NEIC is as follows: Decorah – 431, Charles City – 397, Crestwood – 316, Waukon – 265 and New Hampton – 260.
Upper Iowa Conference BEDS numbers include: North Fayette Valley – 240, MFL-MM – 175, Postville – 170, South Winn and Clayton Ridge – 152, Central – 103, Turkey Valley – 88, Lansing Kee ­– 82 and West Central – 58.
Crestwood Superintendent Ted Ihns said he understands why New Hampton is leading the charge to remove W-SR from the NEIC.
“The number one reason why there have been conversations about removing Waverly-Shell Rock from the Northeast Iowa Conference is the size of their school,” Ihns said. “We’d like to keep the NEIC active if we can. There have been conversations about other schools joining the conference, but Waverly’s size makes other schools shy away (from joining). 
“Their district is almost twice as big as some schools in our conference. The situation has become a numbers game for other teams. Charles City has talked about possibly leaving the NEIC at some point (in the future).
“Crestwood has been involved in the discussion with other NEIC schools about Waverly-SR’s size,” Ihns noted. “If our goal is to keep the league going, then there needs to be a change. Waverly-SR would need to be out of the mix in order for the conference to invite other schools to join,” he said.
Ihns noted that Crestwood has not had  problems with W-SR during his time here, which stretches back to 2017.

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