Yang campaigns in Cresco

—Visiting counties in Iowa on 17-day bus tour before caucuses
CRESCO - Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is on a 17-day Iowa bus tour ahead of the Feb. 3 caucus. He was in Northeast Iowa on Wednesday, Jan. 22, visiting at the Cresco Theatre & Opera House at 2 p.m. In addition that day, he was at Charles City, Osage, Decorah and Waukon.
Yang — an entrepreneur, lawyer and philanthropist — talked to a group of 40-50 area folks at the Cresco Theatre & Opera House on a snowy and slushy Wednesday, Jan. 22.
“Every time I come here to Iowa, I get invigorated.” His campaign slogan is “Not left, not right, forward.” He asked the audience, “The cable news is always asking why Trump won. Why was that?” Answers included he was not a politician, building the wall, Hillary and more. 
He said, “I’m not a politician either. I’m a numbers guy.” Yang noted that four million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the United States. “When that happens, the shopping district closes and then schools close.”
“I love local businesses. I just ate at Fat T’s,” the candidate smiled.
Technology keeps growing
The manufacturing jobs are being taken over by technology. That includes the trucking business. But now technology is making driverless vehicles possible, which could put the truck drivers out of work. That would hurt the restaurants where the truck drivers eat, along with other businesses. 
“Turn the clock forward and you will see technology will take more and more jobs.”
Industrial revolution
Yang said the fourth industrial revolution is upon the country. He went to Washington, D.C. to tell leaders about the problems that may cause. “I asked them ‘What are we going to do?’ They said three things: ‘Don’t talk about it; let’s study it; and we need to educate and retrain Americans for jobs of the future.’”
He also talked about the health of Americans. “For the past three years,  the average age has declined. The last time that happened was during the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918-1920. The average age has been growing since Americans are richer, stronger and smarter.”
He said that has changed since many put more emphasis on money than health.
“We have record high corporate profits, but also record high stress, anxiety, suicide, financial insecurity and student debt.”
$1,000 per adult each month
He said he saw a pattern. Amazon makes $20 billion a year and takes it out of the state. That forces 30 percent of the stores to close. And they pay zero back into rural communities.
Yang wants to give each person over the age of 18 $1,000 a month. That money would come from the companies that are currently not paying any taxes, including Amazon, Starbucks and Netflix. 
“What could you spend that $1,000 on?” he asked the audience. Answers included paying bills. He added car repairs, day care and even a Netflix subscription.
“We also need to invest in our kids. That’s why I’m running for president, because I’m a parent, and I’m a patriot.”
Term limits
“I’m for term limits. When I am your president, I will tell Congress to have a 12-year limit, except for current lawmakers. They would go for that, and in the next few years, they will be voted out.
• One man came from California and told Yang he was a mechanical engineer. He had 45 patents. He stated there was a way for high speed transportation at no cost to the public in tunnels under the current roads. Yang agreed underground transportation was a good idea.
• A nine year old boy asked what Yang would do about bullying and suicide.
The presidential hopeful said the boy touched him, since he and his wife have two sons, ages seven and four. 
“When I was younger, I was shy and introverted. I had the ability to go home and shut the door to be alone. Kids today can go home and shut the door, but smart phones go home with you.”
Restricting cell phone and device use in children should be supported by parents. He said in Silicon Valley, parents are working on programs, and the new technology is rewiring kids’ brains. Every goal they have is to make more money. “They keep the phones away from their children.”
• After a question, Yang told audience members he was pro labor unions.
• Bill Rink asked about livestock producers. Yang said livestock farms had very marginal impact on climate change.
• Kevin Schoeberl was skeptical about where Yang was going to get the money to give $1,000 per adult each month and if it applied to all citizens.
He said it would come from big companies who are not paying taxes. “We need to put the money into our hands. Businesses will have more money coming in and will hire more workers. It will help us get stronger and healthier.”
He explained, 12 years ago, legislators chose to bail out banks over people. That was a $700 billion bailout for the banks. He said most Americans would have chosen to bail out the general public before banks.
In conclusion, Yang said, “I am the ideal candidate. I am the opposite of Donald Trump, which is an Asian man who likes numbers.”
As many audience members left, they stated Yang gave them a lot to think about.
Linda Schorr was one of the individuals who went to both Dr. Jill Biden and Andrew Yang’s town hall meetings. She said, “I love when they come, because you get to meet them. Both of these were very good. We’ve also seen Bernie [Sanders] and Joe Biden. We’re not afraid to drive.”

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