Pedrettis sell Dough & Joe Bakery to Hernandez

CRESCO - After a total of 31 years in the bakery business, Steve and Molly Pedretti announce they have sold Dough & Joe Bakery and Coffee House.
Mary Hernandez, formerly of Sioux City, recently moved to Cresco and takes over ownership of the bakery as the Pedrettis retire. She says customers can look forward to the same delicious pastries and coffee drinks they have grown to know and love over the years.
“It has been a blessing to have Steve and Molly help me. I feel at home; everybody is wishing me the best,” Hernandez said.
Steve & Molly Pedretti Tell History . . .
Steve Pedretti grew up in the bakery business.
“My father purchased the bakery in Elkader in 1968,” Steve said. “As a boy I worked there.” 
Today, a framed black-and-white photo of Steve’s father adorns the wall at  Dough & Joe. The family still has ties to Elkader: Steve’s nephew currently owns Pedretti’s Bakery.
In addition to learning from his father, Steve also took pointers from Mike Walsh as they purchased their first bakery in Cresco.
“We opened our first bakery (called The Bakery) in December of 1983,” Steve said. “Mike was helpful and we learned different things from him than what I learned from my dad, and we put all of that (experience) together.”
They closed The Bakery in 1997, and each worked as insurance agents in the ensuing years Eventually, the lure of the bakery business returned.
“The kids were grown and gone, the doors weren’t slamming, the dog wasn’t barking,  the landline wasn’t ringing anymore,” Molly said with a laugh. 
They opened Dough & Joe Bakery & Coffee House on Aug. 13, 2006. Dough & Joe’s address is 114 North Elm Street, just a few doors away from their previous bakery’s location (122 North Elm Street).
Dough & Joe became a popular fixture for loyal customers near and far, receiving accolades from media outlets.
“We’ve been listed in the top 10 bakeries in Iowa for three or four years,” Steve said. 
Molly adds, “We were really proud of that, because we are so small, and most of the bakeries were located in larger cities.”
One of Dough & Joe’s most-loved pastries is its cream-filled Long John.
The delectable treat is so popular that some customers have requested them at weddings in place of a traditional cake.
“Everyone’s concerned that the cream-filled Long Johns aren’t going to be here anymore, but they’re going to be here. They can count on that,” Steve said.
The Pedrettis have many years of memories associated with the two bakeries they’ve owned in Cresco.
“One year, on the 100th anniversary of the (Mighty Howard County Fair), we did a 100-foot-long sheet cake, and that (picture) was in the newspaper, too.” (June 23, 1993 issue). 
“I was out there putting borders on the cake after we shoved it together; it was just crazy,” Molly said. “We had to get 50 half-sheet cakes end to end.”
Steve said, “We don’t do the buns for the fair anymore, but we did for years. The most  we ever did during the fair was 1,200 dozen (buns).”
“One year our youngest son, Eric, and his girlfriend (now wife) Stacy wanted to come help out at the bakery. They couldn’t wait to help come slice buns during the fair. They did it one night and Stacy never wanted to come back,” Molly laughed. 
“Another good memory is that the kids would come down to the bakery with their dad, once in a blue moon,” Molly said. “I’d walk in the door at 6 a.m. and find my babies sleeping on the flour sacks, covered up with their dad’s coat.”
 In recent years, the Pedrettis grandchildren, Jace and Jaylianna, have helped out at Dough & Joe.
The Pedrettis are appreciative of the many employees who have worked to keep Dough & Joe a customer favorite.
“We’ve had a lot of great employees over the years,” Steve said. 
As they prepare for retirement, Steve and Molly are looking foward to time spent for themselves and with family.
“In March, we are going to drive down to the Gulf (of Mexico); take a couple of weeks. Our sons (Eric and Joshua) might join us, so we are looking forward to that.”
The Pedrettis wish to thank the Cresco and surrounding communities for all of their support over the decades.
“We couldn’t be here without the support of our customers,” Steve said. 
“When we first bought the bakery down the street (in 1983), there were two bakeries here; this town supported two bakeries,” Molly said. ‘This community has been absolutely amazing and we have the best customers. Most people come in here happy, but if they aren’t happy, they are happy when they leave,” Molly laughed.
“We want to say ‘thank you’ and let our customers know how wonderful they are. I’m sure they will give Mary the excellent support that they gave us. We wish Mary the best. I am so happy to have her here; she’s got an incredible personality.”
Steve adds, “Mary is doing a great job, and I’m sure everyone will be happy with the bakery for a long time to come.”
Mary Hernandez Tells How She Ended Up In Cresco, Iowa
Mary Hernandez said luck was a major factor in her move to Cresco and the opportunity to take over ownership of the bakery.
“It was meant to be,” she said. “I was looking for a business of my own, and came across the bakery. I drove from Sioux City to Cresco. I came here and sat in the chair, ordered a coffee and had a doughnut. (Steve and Molly) didn’t even know I was coming, because I just wanted to take a look. They weren’t here that day, and one of the workers told them I had been here.”
Mary has previous experience working at a bakery in LeMars.
“It was different than what I am doing now,” Mary said. “I have the best trainers here.”
Mary said she wanted to move to Cresco to really become a part of the community.
“That way you get more involved. I live just down the street, so there is no excuse for me to not show up for work,” Mary laughed. 
She said customers can look forward to the same pastries and coffee drinks that is Dough & Joe’s specialty.
“Everything is going to be the same. The recipes will taste the same, and the employees are staying. As time goes on, I might start adding one or two new items. Steve has been a great guide. He has a lot of knowledge to share with me.”
Steve interjects with a laugh, “Things will stay the same because people never saw me (working at the bakery) anyway.”
Mary adds, “People ask me, ‘Are you going to keep the same weird hours as Steve?’”
As she prepares for a new adventure in a new community, Mary credits her children as her support.
“My son lives in Sioux Falls and my two daughters live in Sioux City,” she said. 
She said that after visiting Cresco and Dough & Joe Bakery, she called her son and said, ‘I think I like this.’ He said, ‘Mom, what’s holding you back?’ 
“My children are all grown up now, and my son said, ‘If you feel like this is it, go for it.’”
Mary said she is excited to begin her new career at the helm of Dough & Joe Bakery and is looking forward to getting to know the customers.
“The Cresco community has been very nice to me,” she said. “I am so excited to be here. (The Pedrettis) are leaving a legacy, and I want to continue it.”

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