Lollar brings Good Vibes to Cresco

CRESCO - The streets of Cresco are filled with good vibes since Good Vibes Nutrition Cresco opened on Dec. 13, 2022 at 116 N. Elm St. Good Vibes is a nutritious drink and snack store that uses Herbalife products to make delicious, health-conscious, protein-rich coffees, teas, and meal replacement shakes that are low in sugar and carbohydrates.
Jenniffer Lollar, who also owns Urban Nutrition in Decorah, decided to open Good Vibes Nutrition Cresco to fill a need she saw with Cresco customers ordering drinks and shakes from her in Decorah. 
“We did deliveries to Donaldson’s, the hospital and Camp Site, among others, for the last 6-8 months,” General Manager Penny Bockman said. “Every single Wednesday we drove to Cresco.” 
“We already had a big clientele here,” Lollar added, “so we knew we wanted to open a shop and continue that.”
And business is booming. 
“What’s special about Good Vibes drinks is that they’re basically a really healthy option to just drinking coffee and soda,” Lollar said. “We’re trying to educate people that there are other things out there besides soda and energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull, which are really bad for your heart and have lots of sugar.”
Good Vibes not only offers shakes, teas and coffees that are low in calories and low in sugar, they also have gluten free options, and options for people who are dairy sensitive. Soon there will be a whole line of vegan options as well.
It’s all about healthy choices and good nutrition. And in helping people with their nutritional choices, Good Vibes does a lot of educational work and nutrition coaching. They welcome individuals who want to dig deeper into program opportunities like weight loss or lean muscle building, and plan to sponsor seminars for such individuals and the community in general.
“We’d love to do some educational work with local schools and fitness centers to talk about the nutritional benefits of Herbalife and educate people about healthier options than some of these other things that are really toxic for your body.” Lollar said.
But just because the options are healthy and nutritious doesn’t mean they are boring or tasteless. Far to the contrary, the Good Vibes menu offers a dazzling variety of flavors such as Banana Nut Bread, Monster Cookie and Strawberry Cheesecake shakes; Bearclaw, Coffee Toffee Crunch and Salted Turtle Mocha coffees; and Beadle Park (Orange and Prickly Pear), Crestwood (Pina Colada and Blue Blast) and Cotton Candy (Lime, Starburst and Blue Typhoon) teas. 
According to Lollar, customers are often disbelieving that so much flavor can be had in a healthy option. “Like with a peanut butter cup or a cosmic brownie [shake],” she said. “People are ‘How is that healthy for me? It actually tastes like a cosmic brownie!’” 
Nonetheless, every shake is between 180 to 230 calories and only has 6 grams of sugar or less. Protein shakes are 24 grams of protein with the option of protein enhancers to increase that number.
But as tasty as those options and others may be, that isn’t the whole picture of Good Vibes Nutrition.
“I don’t want people to assume that we’re just a shake, tea and coffee shop and that’s all that we do,” Lollar said. “Because there’s much more to what we do. Ultimately, our goal is to help people in their fitness and healthier lifestyle goals.”
For example, each of Good Vibes' three employees is also a nutrition coach who participates in ongoing education and training to keep current on its products and other nutrition developments. Herbalife products have been around for over 40 years and are the number one nutritional product in the world, and Lollar and her coaches are passionate about sharing every aspect of their healthy product with customers. 
“We want to partner within the community,” She explained. “That’s something that we’re very passionate about. Working directly with the schools. Working with the community, like with the Chamber. Working with the fitness clubs. The fair. We’re hoping to have a booth at the fair. We have some recipes for healthy, protein ice cream.”
And she also plans to hold some special breakfast events on Sundays, the day they are normally closed. “We can make protein waffles and pancakes with the product,” Lollar said.
The plan is to do a protein waffle bar where customers can gather and learn more about Good Vibes and how its product can support their fitness, healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals.
As for the future, Lollar has big plans for expansion. “Ultimately, I would like to open up at least five more stores in the next five years,” she said. “We’re looking at New Hampton. We’re also looking at West Union and Cedar Falls.”
But the focus right now is on Good Vibes Nutrition Cresco. “We love the community,” she noted, “and very much appreciate everybody being so welcoming to us.”
“Everybody is so nice here in Cresco,” General Manager Penny Bockman added. “And they’re so appreciative of us being here in town.”
Lollar summed it up this way: “We are here to help anybody who needs any help with their nutritional goals, advice on the product, we’re here to answer all the questions. And then we’re here to serve healthy shakes, teas and coffees on a daily basis.”
Good Vibes, indeed. Stop in and try a tasty, healthy treat today. As Bockman says, “You’ll feel better.” Store hours are from 6:30 a.m.  to 4 p.m. on Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Closed Sundays. 

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