Dr. Jill Biden campaigns for husband

—Mrs. Joe Biden talks to supporters at Mexican restaurant in Cresco
CRESCO - On Wednesday, Jan. 22, around 25 area folks were given the opportunity to hear from presidential candidate Joe Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, during a town hall meeting at Cuautla Jalisco Family Mexican Restaurant in Cresco.
She was a few minutes late due to road conditions coming from Northwood. After Cresco, she went to Charles City. Meanwhile, Joe attended community events in Mason City and Osage that same day.
Howard County Democratic Chair Laura Hubka introduced Jill, who commended Hubka on her 10 years of service in the Navy. Biden noted her father was in the Navy as well. The Biden’s son, the late Beau served in the Army National Guard.
“I grew up outside Philly, and I wanted a marriage like my parents’, and I wanted a career.”
She met Joe in the 1970s. It took five marriage proposals before she said yes. She told the group, she wanted to make sure he was sure, after losing his wife and one-year-old daughter to a car accident in 1972. “In the end, my love for [his two] boys outweighed  everything.”
Biden has been an English teacher for 35 years.
Affordable Care Act
“We need to rise to kindness. Our country is beautiful and capable of great things,” she said.
Biden is in favor of the Affordable Care Act. She felt her sister was able to survive from stem cell surgery because of the Act. 
“This law was determined by just a few votes. At the time, President Obama told Joe to go to the Capitol and get those votes. And he did. Joe can tell you what he’s done, not what he’ll do when president.”
When Joe is President
“Next January, Americans will wake up in the morning, not to the headlines of the latests tweet storm, but universal preschool.
“In January, when they talk about the President of the United States, people won’t shut off the television. You’ll call in your children to see a president you can feel proud of. That is my husband, Joe.”
Jill gave three reasons on why to support her husband.
• Independent voters — “My husband can get them. He’s not too far right and not too far left.”
• Swing states — “He’s the only candidate to beat Donald Trump. He’s the only Democrat who can take Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida . . . ”
• Achievable goals
In addition, she said his education policy is teacher-approved — “By me!” she joked.
Audience questions
• Mary Larson asked what Jill’s first impression was when the former vice president decided to run. Jill answered, “We didn’t plan to do this. We started a foundation to fight cancer. I was teacher. Joe was at a foundation at the University of Pennsylvania. People came up to him and me saying he had to run. He was the only person to beat Donald Trump. We were holding back, and then Charlottesville happened. Joe said, ‘I’m gonna run.’ And the kids said, ‘Pop has to do that.’”
She noted Iowans have been great, kind, welcoming and warm. “Even those who support another candidate. Our bottom line is to beat Donald Trump. Joe’s numbers prove it. He is the one.”
• Larson asked if they had thought about a running mate.
Jill turned it around and asked the audience who they would choose. Larson answered, “Welllll, I’m a Minnesota girl . . . ” leaving the name Amy Klobuchar on the table. Others listed were Pete  Buttigieg and Tulsi Gabbard.
• Linda Schorr asked about foreign policy. “Joe knows everyone on the world stage. On Day One, he’s ready to go.”
• Bill Rink asked if the price of prescription drugs could be brought down. He has been a diabetic for 45 years. “My medicines are $26,000 per year.”
Jill said her husband’s plan is to work with drug companies. “Drug prices need to come down,” she said.
• Richard Schorr was concerned about a one-on-one debate with another candidate. Jill replied, “Joe did well against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He’s not afraid of Donald Trump. He has no fear of debaters. I feel he does a great job on the debate stage.”
Schorr went on to say the debates are interesting, and he watched the entire two hours. Jill disagreed. “No! They are three hours long.” She joked it’s hard to be the wife of a candidate, as she has to pay attention and not get caught yawning.
• Jennie Matt said, “I am a conservative Democrat and a moderate Republican. If people don’t like the president, how do we convince them that Joe is the one to vote for?”
Jill replied, “Iowa has good solid values. You don’t know or respect people who speak bad about women, people of color and those with disabilities. Joe appeals as a statesman who won’t put down women, people of color or those with disabilities. You need to look at their strengths. Republicans are going to turn to Joe.”
In conclusion, she said, “It’s not us . . . the middle class, who are doing well. It is the corporations.”
Jill thanked those who attended the meeting. “Thank you for your faith on an idea that is bigger than all of us. We can build a better nation by doing it together.”

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